The name Bélanger belonged to my maternal grandmother. The House is a tribute to this woman of great taste who loved art, beautiful objects and their functionality, catering, haute cuisine and festive evenings. She recognized the great value of the work of artisans, but also of the history of people and things. Elegant and good-natured, her personality influenced her taste for beauty, and vice versa.

Nurture good habits
All products are designed with sustainability and eco-responsibility in mind. Created in response to obsolescence, their purpose is to help reduce electronic devices in the home.

They come from the desire to provide sturdy and useful objects for the home, and some for growing, fermenting and preserving food. In the workshop, we recover the vast majority of materials, including our packaging, even if they are already fully compostable or recyclable.

An organic creation
Direct contact with the earth, forms from nature and the universe of astronomy serve as the main sources of inspiration in the development of the collections. Whether it is examining photographs of the surface of planets or the melting of rocks, an idea can emerge from any exploration. They take shape following numerous experiments with wood, marble, acrylic and of course, ceramics, with great respect for the heritage of this medium.

Improvisation and mistakes are not only part of the process, they go a long way in perfecting it.

A different way of producing
Part of the production is carried out with a conventional pottery wheel, and another using a sizing machine made in Quebec in the 1970s. On the sizing machine, objects are created from turned plaster molds. by hand. These techniques take a lot of time and care, but the process is worth it because each resulting article is truly unique. A good way to master them is to talk to the previous generation, which we did at Maison Bélanger to soak up more traditional methods.

Thanks to this second process and the use of various techniques, the creation of bespoke designs becomes possible. This service is offered to companies wishing to market a specific product, as well as to individuals with a special request.

Founder's aspirations
Both during her studies in graphic design and in her professional career, Jessika has always had a natural propensity for the design of objects, but also for everything related to the kitchen, the living, the organic.

Over time and experiences, one idea persisted with her: to design quality objects that would inspire people and allow them to grow a variety of edible plants at home.

From there, Îlot was born. A project motivated by values such as respect for the environment and for individuals, reflected in the importance given to sustainable and eco-responsible design.

From Îlot to Maison
The founder's interest in ceramics grew over time, as did her refinement in this matter. The store's inventory slowly grew to include more and more ceramic products, always with the desire to provide people with items useful for cultivation and food preservation.

To maintain the expansion of its offering under one roof, Studio Îlot has become Maison Bélanger. The collections nevertheless remain as personal and original as before, born from the same concern to make useful objects beautiful and accessible.